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FAAST LT™ Customer Testimonials


Mandarin Oriental Barcellona (Hotel)

“We had been introduced to Honeywell’s FAAST aspiration detection range, and the FAAST LT unit was of great interest. Not only could it deliver the performance we required for the project, but it could also be integrated into the existing intelligent fire detection system. We evaluated competitive alternative ASDs, but FAAST LT was the obvious choice.” Read more

Mr M Oliva, Project Manager, Climava

Dirk van den Broek Holland (Refrigeration)

“FAAST was recommended to us by a sister site as the premier solution for a number of reasons including proven performance with no false alarms, ease and flexibility of installation and simplified on-going maintenance. This qualified user experience was very attractive to us because of the similarities of the application.” Read more

Mr J Van Beelen, Technical Director, BRI Groep


UK Food & Beverage Manufacturer
(Cold Storage & Beverage Processing)

“We ‘do it right or not at all’ and FAAST LT is a solution that truly mirrors that ethos, enabling us to meet our client needs and add real value as a fire detection expert... Both facilities have removed all false alarms and faults and we have not had an emergency call out since installation.” Read more

Mr. Mike Tobin, Technical Director, Security And Fire Experts (SAFE)

Soria Penitentiary Centre Spain

“FAAST LT, with multi-criteria sensitivity was the ideal solution, giving us additional benefits. The FAAST LT detection units are installed in secure areas to which the inmates have no access, so there is no security issue.” Read more

Mr. Carlos Calvo Martinez, SIEP Project Manager

FAAST LT™ Case Studies

Soria Penitentiary Centre, Spain

The key issues facing SIEP, when upgrading the fire detection system at the Soria facility was the possibility of deliberate damage to the detectors and the requirement for false alarm immunity, particularly to tobacco smoke and water vapour. The need to vandal-proof the installation ruled out the use of point smoke detectors in the cells, although multi-criteria detection met the false alarm immunity requirement. Read More »

Leading UK food & beverage manufacturer

Two of the most challenging applications for fire detection are cold storage and beverage manufacture. Cold storage applications are prone to false alarms and faults resulting from temperature fluctuations and humidity fog. Processes within food and beverage manufacture create intensive maintenance needs and the risk of false alarms. Read More »

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona

A false alarm from the fire detection system would be a major issue for the hotel management as it would cause disturbance for the guests, who rightly expect the ultimate protection while they occupy the accommodation. Read More »

Dirk van den Broek Refrigeration Holland

A refrigerant/chiller facility manager’s main goal is uninterrupted operation 24/7. A suitable device must alarm to even the smallest fire event (because of the associated produce contamination risks and potential scrap costs). Read More »