FAAST LT™ Customer Testimonials

Leading UK Food & Beverage Manufacturer (Cold Storage)

“We have a  company philosophy at SAFE that we ‘do it right or not at all’ and FAAST LT™ is a fire detection solution that truly mirrors that ethos, enabling us to meet our client needs and add real value as a fire detection expert. The impressive capability of FAAST LT™ was ideal for our client’s applications (a cold storage food produce facility and a beverage manufacture facility), and its result has enabled us to exceed our client’s expectations and address all the issues they were encountering with their previous systems...Our client’s facilities had a big problem with false alarms and faults; they were occurring at a high frequency in both applications, causing downtime and frequent emergency call outs. As a leading food and beverage manufacturer operating 24/7, downtime was simply unacceptable. It was not unusual for us to receive emergency call outs as frequently as four times per month. The beverage manufacture application was previously using point detection, which was causing frequent faults, false alarms and required intensive cleaning. The cold storage facility, was using 20 IP rated heat detectors, which didn’t offer the maximum protection the facility needed, and were also false alarming due to temperature fluctuations... At SAFE we pride ourselves on offering a value-added and cost-effective service, so the ability to remove false alarms and reduce both on-site maintenance needs and emergency call out fees was essential in both cases... FAAST LT™ was the natural choice and its performance has exceeded our expectations – both facilities have removed all false alarms and faults and we have not had an emergency call out since installation in March 2015! We are so impressed that we now plan to recommend the FAAST™ range as the ideal replacement for comparable detection solutions, because the system is so adaptable and stable, it offers sampling flexibility, practical maintenance options and easy integration with the fire system. Another key value is its ongoing cost reduction compared with other fire detection solutions.”

Mr. Mike Tobin, Security And Fire Experts (SAFE) Ltd, United Kingdom


Mandarin Oriental (Hotel)

“The 22 suites all have high false ceilings with difficult  access and there is the added  complication that the architects had forbidden access and inspection hatches so as not to spoil the overall appearance of the suites. The environment in the area to be protected, with settling dust in the false ceilings meant that traditional detectors would be at high risk of generating false alarms, a totally unacceptable state of affairs. Aspiration technology, with its unobtrusive sampling pipes, remote detection chambers and very efficient filtering, was the obvious solution to the false alarm issue. Similarly, using remote detectors meant that access for routine maintenance and cleaning would be simplified... The challenges we faced when planning the fire detection system for this new build project were quite severe. We had to come up with a way of providing extremely reliable protection for the false ceilings of suites and the corridors of the new extension. We had been introduced to Honeywell’s FAAST next generation aspiration detection range, and the FAAST LT™ unit was of great interest. Not only could it deliver the performance we required for the project, but it could also be integrated into the existing intelligent fire detection system. We evaluated competitive alternative ASDs, but FAAST LT™ was the obvious choice... We installed 24 FAAST LT™ units in the new part of the hotel, each protecting specific areas. To be able to integrate them on to an additional loop on the existing control panel allowed us to save on installation costs, and as an additional benefit, allowed us to take advantage of the panel’s group polling and other false alarm reduction technology to reduce even further the likelihood of a false alarm... We have to access the units for routine filter cleaning/replacement every four to six months. With FAAST LT™ airflow is continuously reported to the panel, so if it reduces to an unacceptably low level because of filter contamination, we can plan well in advance to service the device. The advanced warning enables us to schedule the service for a time when any particular suite is empty between guests."