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FAAST XM™ Customer Testimonials

Dabur India (Warehouse)

“As a Security and Safety Head, making an intelligent choice with respect to a reliable early detection fire alarm system is vital…The technology within FAAST XM™ is particularly impressive as it removes false alarm  risks which is a great advantage when it comes to building confidence within our workforce.” Read more

Mr. Rohit Upneja, Security and Safety Head, Dabur India Ltd.

Hagia Sofia (Heritage Site)

“National Heritage buildings are very often a difficult compromise between historical integrity and fire protection. By using FAASTXM™ aspiration technology…we have satisfied the requirements of both the Fire Brigade and the National Heritage authorities.” Read More

Mrs. Selma Aktaş Erdemir, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sensor Ltd STI, Turkey

Norit (Pharmaceutical Site)

“Norit pharmaceutical site in Holland uses processes which generate a large amount of fine dust particles. We specified FAAST XM™ because of the clever technology the device uses to detect dust and nuisance particles and deliver the earliest possible warning of potential danger.” Read more

Peter Hamers, Product Manager, Saval, Member of the SK Fire Safety Group


Trimax India (Datacentre)

“FAAST XM™, today, is a critical aspect of our network of data centres…In addition to its accurate very early detection capability, FAAST™ offers multiple alarm levels which prevent false activation of suppression systems which can be very costly and disruptive.” Read more

Mr T S Raju, IT Manager, Trimax India Ltd

Dirk van den Broek Holland (Refrigeration)

“FAAST XM™ and FAAST LT™ were recommended to us by a sister site as the premier solution for a number of reasons including proven performance with no false alarms, ease and flexibility of installation and simplified on-going maintenance. This qualified user experience was very attractive to us because of the similarities of the application.” Read more

Mr J Van Beelen, Technical Director, BRI Groep

Premier Waste UK PLC (Waste Recycling Management)

“Today you need to ensure you are doing all you can to exceed insurance company guidelines... With FAAST XM™ we now have no disruptions when testing and maintenance is taking place, no site downtime from false alarms or faults and no third party costs to keep the device maintained... FAAST XM™ is great because it auto-learns the environment and can be used across the whole plant - it remains stable even in fluctuating conditions.” Read more

Mr W Clark, Operations Director, Premier Waste UK PLC


FAAST XM™ Case Studies

Premier Waste (UK) PLC

Waste recycling plants are challenging environments for fire detectors - a high prevalence of dust can cause frequent false alarms in many traditional systems. False alarms often result in unnecessary costs, such as waste redirection, moving stored materials to safety and process downtime. Read More »

Dirk van den Broek Refrigeration Holland

A refrigerant/chiller facility manager’s main goal is uninterrupted operation 24/7. A suitable device must alarm to even the smallest fire event (because of the associated produce contamination risks and potential scrap costs). Read More »

Chemical Plant USA

A large industrial chemical plant needed to install smoke detection in its motor control center (MCC) room, but shutting down the 800-acre stand-alone chemical plant to install the system could cost the plant $10 million a day. Read More »

Indiana Government Center Indianapolis

The Indiana Government Center North Building in Indianapolis was built in 1960 when facility security challenges were vastly different than they are today. Read More »

Data Colocation Centre Las Vegas

For one of the world’s most innovative data ecosystem providers, ensuring data security and continuity for its more than 500 large corporate and government customers is central to its business and brand. Read More »

The Louisiana, National Cyber Innovation Center

Providing very early warning as part of an advanced sprinkler activation system, protecting assets in a state-of-the-art facility. Read More »

Science Museum of Minnesota

FAAST delivers maximum protection for the storage of hazardous fluids and equipment at Minnesota’s Science Museum. Read More »

Apex Tool Group

Cutting out nuisance alarms caused by dirt and dust, FAAST is the ideal fit for Apex Tool Group’s hand-tool manufacturing facility. Read More »

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Protecting critical information and operations at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (CTCA) FAAST is the perfect prescription. Read more »