Customer Testimonials


Hagia Sofia (Heritage Site)

“National Heritage buildings are very often a difficult compromise between historical integrity and fire protection. By using FAAST XM™ aspiration technology we have succeeded in protecting the priceless artifacts exhibited in the museums surrounding the Hagia Sophia complex in Istanbul. By installing the sampling pipes in concealed voids invisible to public we have satisfied the requirements of both the Fire Brigade and the National Heritage authorities.”

Mrs. Selma Aktaş Erdemir, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sensor Ltd STI, Turkey

Norit (Pharmaceutical Site)

“Norit pharmaceutical site in Holland uses processes which generate a large amount of fine dust particles. This causes issues for standard fire detection systems as it can lead to a large number of false alarms. We specified FAAST XM™ because of the clever technology the device uses to detect dust and nuisance particles and deliver the earliest possible warning of potential danger. FAAST XM™ was selected by Norit on the basis of the performance results achieved over a six month test period carried out on-site. Since the device has been installed, overall system confidence has improved, as has overall productivity.”

Peter Hamers, Product Manager, Saval, Member of the SK Fire Safety Group


Trimax India (Datacentre)

“Early warning smoke detection is a prerequisite in server rooms and data centres. However there are multiple challenges which affect reliability such as smoke dilution due to high air flow movement and in large open areas, air movement from precision air conditioning units. Any solution provider would have to convince us with proof that there was a reliable offering available to detect fire triggers in such circumstances. We evaluated FAAST XM™ and were pleased with the results. In addition to its accurate very early detection capability, FAAST XM™ offers multiple alarm levels which prevent false activation of suppression systems which can be very costly and disruptive. The performance, efficiency and overall experience have exceeded our expectations.  FAAST XM™, today, is a critical aspect of our network of data centres and we recommend this product to any business that has a similar infrastructure.”

Mr T S Raju, IT Manager, Trimax India Ltd