FAAST attracts visitors to leading German exhibitions

April 30, 2018

FAAST was recently showcased at two of the most important exhibitions for the fire industry in Germany -  Feuertrutz (20-21 February in Nuremberg), and the Light+Building exhibition (18-23 March in Frankfurt).

Honeywell presented its full range of fire and security products at both exhibitions, with FAAST XS featuring as a key highlight, with impressive live demonstrations and application guidance from the team.

“Both exhibitions were busy, with high footfalls, but visitors to the Honeywell booth were dramatically increased by the live demonstration of FAAST’s  unrivalled accuracy in challenging conditions. The demonstration system featured a particulate interference (created by airborne swirling cocoa powder) and ultra-trace levels of smoke (created by a resistor that was heated), to simulate a developing fire under similar conditions found in the most challenging environments, like waste recycling plants - where dust interfere is at its highest and the earliest, most accurate fire detection is essential.” Said Felix Heck, Business Development Manager for FAAST.

“The FAAST demonstration unit was able to successfully differentiate smoke from the high levels of particulates drawn in through the sample – thanks to a combination of advanced three-stage filtration methods, dual-source sensing technologies and intelligent algorithms, that allow the FAAST to provide the earliest and most accurate smoke detection to 0.00095% obs/m.

“The FAAST unit was connected via Ethernet to a laptop that displayed all functions and data, using FAAST’s internal webserver. This impressive live demonstration, backed-up by live-stream data, drew considerable crowds and interest in the range.”

FAAST takes on the challenges of the most extreme, problematic and safety-critical applications – like mission critical facilities, harsh environments and large open spaces - where only the most stable, reliable and accurate detection can be used. Thousands of FAAST units currently protect diverse facilities and applications of all sizes and varieties with 24/7 precision, accuracy and false alarm immunity. FAAST also delivers minimized maintenance needs and user-friendly operation, set up and ongoing use/analysis.

The FAAST range exhibition showcase also included FAAST LT -  a reliable and flexible, solution for Class C (EN 54-20) applications where standard detection methods are inefficient or prone to failure, access is restricted, or environments where discrete detection is demanded.

Felix closes by highlighting visitor interest in the latest FAAST innovations and evolutions. “The new air purge system (F-BO-AFE70) - designed to blow out dirt and dust from the pipe system - also gained a lot of interest from exhibition visitors. This innovative device has no influence on the airflow efficiency and can be used with any Aspiration Smoke Detection (ASD) system on the market. Its clever calculation tool also automatically calculates the correct amount of air needed for specific blow out cycles; aspects that were very popular with the crowds. With such a successful start to 2018, we are looking forward to protecting many more facilities and applications with our FAAST ranges.”


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