FAAST joins the Data Centre Alliance

April 20, 2015

Honeywell, is the latest company to join the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) as a corporate partner in order to drive the data centre industry to better protect itself from the disruption and damage caused by fire.

Central to the partnership is Honeywell’s FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology range which delivers the earliest and most accurate fire detection for mission critical facilities across the world.

The DCA is a not-for-profit international industry association representing the interests of the data centre infrastructure sector.  It works to drive awareness of the data centre industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public. It also promotes the development of standards, leads research activity, seeks to develop the industry’s skills and aids collaboration.  The organisation boasts around 200 ‘Organisation’ members and 1,000 individual members. 

Tim Checketts, Honeywell Fire Safety’s EMEA Sales Manager - Speciality Products commented: “Joining the DCA demonstrates FAAST’s commitment to the Data Centre industry and will be key to our efforts to raise awareness of the need for Data Centres to protect themselves from the massive disruption caused by fire. Many do not realise the advancements that have been made in the detection technology, so we look forward to engaging with the wider data centre community through the DCA.” 

FAAST’s DCA membership comes as its aspiration detection technology gains recognition as the perfect solution for data centres.  Typically, data centre environments are not particularly well suited for traditional fire detection systems due to the placement of cabling and the very high airflows created by computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems – which make conventional smoke detection extremely challenging.  However, FAAST’s aspiration detection technology combines resilience, stability, a high degree of sensitivity, early event warning and remote monitoring capabilities.

Checketts commented: ‘Already used in data centres around the world, FAAST is a new generation of advanced smoke detection technology that provides the earliest possible warning of smoke coupled with market leading levels of false alarm immunity, thereby allowing far greater time to identify and manage an issue to prevent escalation’.

Simon Campbell-Whyte, Executive Director of Data Centre Alliance: “The DCA’s role is to continually educate and advise on industry issues which include resilience and reliability of Data Centres. Fire and subsequent data loss and system outage is a continuous threat to all organisations who rely on 100% uptime, so it’s great to have Honeywell, a world leader in many industries, including fire safety,  on board to provide their expertise and guidance. We are keen to work together to mitigate the risks in this rapidly growing industry.“