FAAST LT™ is now Ministry of Justice (MoJ) approved

May 1, 2016

FAAST LT is now certified to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Standard STD/SPEC/014. This new approval makes FAAST LT ideal for all custodial application monitoring needs.

Specific design criteria stated in the Standard include:

  • The ASD unit cannot be fitted in an area that is normally occupied
  • The ASD must identify the individual room or space that gives a `fire’ or `fault’ condition
  • Where indicated, a Day/Night mode should be available
  • Pipes smaller than a nominal 25 mm diameter shall not be used
  • Exhaust air from ASD units that are sampling cells where tobacco smoking is permitted, cannot be vented into any other area
  • If a purge system is fitted, it should only be operated when the sampling area is verified as empty

The MoJ approval also means that FAAST LT can be used for custodial cell monitoring as detailed in MoJ Standard STD/E/SPEC/038.

FAAST LT combines proven aspirating detection technologies together with innovate design features that deliver highly reliable, stable smoke detection in these demanding applications. The device includes high performance laser detection, two-stage ultrasonic air flow monitoring, IP64 rated housing and fully independent chambers, enabling one detector to monitor two separate areas or cells. FAAST LTalso offers advanced tamper proof sampling, simplified maintenance and flexible operation.

New Custodial Application Monitoring Guide

To support FAAST LT’s MoJ accreditation, a new Custodial Application Monitoring Guide is now available for download. Providing a wealth of valuable information, the free asset covers all aspects of custodial application monitoring; from meeting certification requirements and identifying key application detection challenges to system installation, operation, maintenance and how to prevent deliberate system vandalism.

Click here to download the Custodial Application Monitoring Guide

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