FAAST to Be Showcased at Data Centre Event

January 13, 2014

FAAST is one of the lead sponsors of the next DATACENTRE.ME networking session at The Pacific Oriental Restaurant, Threadneedle Street in London, from 5-9pm on Thursday 30th January. The theme of the session is "DCIM / Software as a Service."  

FAAST is a key product for data centres and IT facilities containing enterprise-critical equipment as it delivers the earliest and most accurate fire detection, whilst minimizing false alarm risks – avoiding the financial losses and reputational damage associated with downtime.

Tim Checketts, Business Development Manager, Speciality Products, System Sensor, part of Honeywell, said: “Business continuity is essential in data centres and IT facilities. A fire, which can easily take the facility offline for an indeterminate period, can cause untold damage, and is a serious risk which should be considered. FAAST prevents these risks by offering an ultra sensitive, IP-enabled aspiration detection system that detects fire and overheating cables before they pose a threat. DATACENTRE.ME is a great event, targeting Senior Management of Banks, Enterprises, Data Centres & similar Operations – all of whom will benefit from understanding more about next generation fire detection and how it can prevent downtime.”

For more information about the event go to: http://www.datacentre.me/