Launch of New FAAST LT-200

September 28, 2018

System Sensor Europe has extended its market-leading aspirating detection (ASD) portfolio with the launch of FAAST LT-200 – an update to the existing FAAST LT range - featuring a number of key technological improvements. Innovation highlights include a new patented high sensitivity IR-LED detection chamber specially designed for challenging ASD applications and new design features to improve usability and flexibility for installers and end users.

Dino Petronio, Product Marketing Manager, explains how the market can benefit from FAAST LT-200’s improved detection performance. “FAAST LT is a market-leading ASD range with a large installed base - particularly in Class C applications where standard fire detection is prone to failure or alarm.
FAAST LT-200 represents the next evolution in this technology, taking into consideration all of our field experience and further improving the range’s capabilities. The new patented detection chamber includes a very high sensitivity, high power output LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier capable of delivering fast and effective detection, particularly for fast flaming liquid fires and slow smouldering fires. This innovation allows FAAST LT-200 to offer high sensitivity, whilst limiting nuisance alarms, through improved protection of internal components.”

Comprising all the great features of FAAST LT with improved detection performance and design enhancements, FAAST LT-200 includes a new 3-stage external filter for enhanced performance in harsh environments. The detection unit also features improved position of air inlets, outlets and switches for easier installation/maintenance, pre-drilled top and bottom cable glands, a new pre-alarm setting for added flexibility and a new black housing. FAAST LT-200 also features improved airflow (extended flow tolerance range of ±50%).

The intrinsic design of an ASD makes a solution like FAAST LT-200 well suited to complex spaces, difficult to reach locations and areas where aesthetics matter.

Dino comments on how diverse applications can benefit from FAAST LT-200’s performance and reliability. “A solution like FAAST LT-200 combines a number of aspects that make it increasingly specified, such as advanced filtration and ultrasonic flow monitoring, combined with class-leading IR LED detection that can successfully distinguish smoke particles in harsh, fluctuating conditions. This is advantageous for locations prone to environmental temperature/humidity fluctuations like lift shafts, cold storage and freezers.

“The technology is well suited to applications where particulates are present; the detection chamber is designed specifically to achieve high dust tolerance by maximizing the entrance of smoke (via simplified airflow) and minimizing internal light reflection. High particulate environments are further supported by FAAST LT-200’s new 3-stage external filter for harsh environments.

One of FAAST LT-200’s most attractive features is its ability to dramatically reduce the time spent designing, commissioning, installing and maintaining the system. The pipe work itself requires no maintenance and a single FAAST LT-200 unit can monitor a space up to 2,000 m2 (single channel) or 4,000 m2 (dual-channel), replacing many points of detection that would require both wiring and individual maintenance.

FAAST LT-200 helps to drive down the cost of smoke detection in a number of effective ways; Pipe-IQ™ - the all-in-one pipe design, configuration and monitoring software - guides users through system design and provides full device configuration and ongoing system monitoring. Using Pipe-IQ™, a designer can complete the pipe network layout, verify hole sizes and sensitivity, obtain a Bill of Material and Layout Report and also automatically verify if the design meets EN54-20 requirements in minutes.

“The only maintainable part for the whole system is the field serviceable filters (an internal, integral filter, combined with a robust 3-stage external filter for harsh environmental monitoring), greatly reducing ongoing maintenance needs and a single operator can carry out routine maintenance easily.

FAAST LT-200 range includes a Loop and Standalone model (single and dual-channel variants) and this range supersedes the FAAST LT range. For further information about FAAST LT-200.