New Application Monitoring Guides

April 15, 2016

Three new ASD monitoring guides are now available for download, providing detailed information designed to aid the design, install and maintenance process of FAAST™ in three traditionally challenging applications; cold environments and freezers, harsh environments and large area coverage.

Each guide covers a variety of useful aspects of ASD monitoring, from highlighting key detection challenges within each application and how FAAST™ technology over comes them, to guidance on system and sampling pipe network installation, ongoing maintenance and how to ensure maximised stability and performance.

Tim Checketts, FAAST Business Development Manager, comments on how the new guides provide an invaluable resource. “Harsh environments like waste recycling, power generation and industrial manufacture, cold environments like food and pharmaceutical stores or ice rinks and large area coverage applications like shopping centres, warehouses and historical buildings are some of the more challenging applications for fire detection; false alarms, faults and intensive maintenance issues are commonplace when using traditional fire detection methods (due to environmental fluctuation, solar gain, humidity fog and high particulates). The result is often unnecessary downtime, increased costs and system reliability issues.

“FAAST™ is specifically designed to offer the highest detection performance and stability in these applications where all other detection methods are known to fail or fall short. We have produced the new guides to help businesses identify key detection challenges and provide guidance on how to overcome them. Each guide contains a wealth of information on installing, using and maintaining FAAST™ to minimise false alarms and ensure uncompromised performance and system stability.”

Click here  to download the Cold Environments and Freezers Guide.

Click here to download the Harsh Environments Guide.

Click here to download the Large Area Coverage Applications Guide.