New combined PipeIQ 2.3.8 software now available

November 2, 2015

The new combined PipeIQ 2.3.8 package, designed to support the FAAST aspirating smoke detection product family, is now available for
download - click here to access.

The new release of PipeIQ introduces a number of helpful improvements which make it even more intuitive and flexible. The all-in-one PipeIQ 2.3.8. package supports the design of pipeline layouts, helps configure FAAST devices for specific project requirements and produces detailed reports once the design is completed (e.g. Bills of materials, Pipeline Layouts, etc).

PipeIQ provides instantaneous verification of all system design parameters for each sampling point individually, including transport times, sensitivities, pressures etc. The software also provides notification if any of the design parameters need adjustment.

Using PipeIQ 2.3.8 you will be able to design FAAST installations to EN54 and UL standards, or in a Custom Mode for very special applications.

The robust nature of PipeIQ 2.3.8 enables you to mix and match the types of the available units within one project. This great feature allows you to optimise the installation both technically and commercially, thus providing considerable cost savings.