New Smoke Pen

June 23, 2017

A new Smoke Pen is now available, providing simplified FAAST™ ASD system testing. Using wicks that can be refilled, the device works like a mechanical pencil; a wick can be inserted into the pen, leaving a 10mm area that can subsequently be ignited by either a lighter of a match. The patented design of the wick ensures a continuous, consistent smoke trail, helping to simplify system smoke tests.

Jochen Hahn, Product Manager for FAAST, explains how the new Smoke Pen will help to provide easy system testing and also save time and associated costs. “The new Smoke Pen is very easy to use and helps to simplify smoke testing by providing a user-friendly design that guarantees a continuous smoke trail. Once testing has been carried out, smoke can be quickly extinguished by replacing the smoke pen lid, leaving the wick ready for re-use at a later date. The Smoke Pen comes with 6 replacements wicks and we also offer a separate refill pack, also including wicks.”

The new Smoke Pen can be ordered using the following codes:
- F-SP Smoke Pen with 6 wicks
- F-SP-Refill Refill pack of 6 wicks

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