New FAAST X Range devices

November 29, 2016

The New X Range, which also includes FAAST XM, provides a complete solution for a wide range of challenging applications where high performance, IP enabled devices that can deliver the earliest and most accurate warning of a fire are demanded.

Jochen Hahn, Product Marketing Manager for FAAST, comments on the new range and how XS and XT add additional flexibility for specific application monitoring needs. “The X Range products – XS, XM and XT – deliver class-leading performance, detection accuracy and system stability in a variety of housings. All three devices feature Honeywell’s dual-vision technology, three stage advanced filtration (removing false alarms), and a unique Acclimate Mode, which allows devices to auto-adjust to changing environmental factors.
“FAAST XS is the smaller device in the X Range portfolio and meets the needs of applications like small server rooms, telecoms facilities, areas with high ceilings, surgery rooms, archives and buildings with HVAC. FAAST XM is designed for applications that require high sensitivity and reduced false alarms from mission critical facilities and laboratories to challenging environments such as waste recycling and industrial facilities. Large-scale applications are supported by FAAST XT; this device offers an extended pipe network for larger spaces with high ceilings such as large warehouses, shopping malls, atriums, exhibition houses and aircraft hangars. The addition of new devices to the range ensure that FAAST can now serve all applications with an ‘exact-fit’ solution.”

Aside from its flexible application use and high performance capability, the FAAST X Range also offers a variety of additional benefits, as Felix Heck, Business Development Manager for FAAST, explains. “Performance, accuracy and reliability are of course primary considerations for mission critical applications, but the FAAST X range also offers attractive user-friendly features and functionality that can reduce downtime and facilitate simplified ongoing maintenance. For a flexible integration that adapts to any infrastructure, X Range products also provide multiple built in integration options such as TCP/IP, Ethernet and Modbus, enabling seamless integration into any fire alarm panel or building management system.”

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