FAAST LT™ delivers a reliable and flexible, solution for applications where standard detection methods are inefficient or prone to failure. Designed with the installer and end-user in mind, the device serves a wide variety of
EN54-20 Class C applications where maintenance is difficult, other smoke detection methods are inappropriate due to harsh environments or areas where aesthetics matters.

IR laser optics

FAAST LT-200™ combines proven aspiration detection technologies and advanced design features to deliver reliable and flexible smoke detection for challenging applications.

  • Devices incorporate a high sensitivity IR LED detection chamber specially designed for ASD systems
  • Achieves broad coverage in Class C applications (up to 2000mand over) and medium Class B applications (up to 600m2)
  • Technology effectively distinguishes dust from smoke particles for detection accuracy

Airflow and filtration 

FAAST LT™ uses two stage ultrasonic airflow monitoring at the inlets and at the optical chamber to detect and inform if there are any unforeseen changes within the pipe network.

  • Ensures sufficient airflow enters the device before and after filtration
  • Delivers accurate, continuous monitoring of airflow in challenging environmental conditions
  • Detects issues such as clogged sample holes or pipe tampering

Protected electronics

FAAST LT™ includes unique design features that protect critical components from human and environmental factors.

  • Devices incorporate protected electronics and fully independent chambers
  • Allows easy access for maintenance and commissioning
  • Devices are IP65 rated

Device options

  • Single channel - for small to medium size applications
  • Dual channel - for large coverage areas
  • Double knock - for applications where double fire event confirmation is required

Seamless panel integration

Intelligent FAAST LT™ devices provide seamless integration with the fire panel*.

  • Faster installation and commissioning 
  • Maintenance is simplified by providing detailed device status/fault information

Intuitive data at a glance

FAAST LT™ provides all the information required to manage your environment – making maintenance quick and easy.

  • 9-level airflow pendulum verifies that air flow meets EN54-20 requirements
  • All information can be read quickly and easily on the device’s user interface or via USB connectivity
*Please check your device options with your distributor


Physical Specification

Height 40.3cm (including inlets and outlets)
Width 35.6cm
Depth 13.5cm
Maximum Single Pipe Length 100m
Maximum Total Branched Pipe Length 160m (per channel)
Maximum Air Inlet Holes 18 (per channel)
Coverage Area up to 2000m2
Sensitivity Up to 0.07% obs/m
Sounder outputs 1 per channel
Interfaces Terminal blocks power supply, relays, sounder outputs
External Input USB port, buttons (test, reset, disable)
USB Standard USB cable for Type B USB connection
Filtration Replaceable speeds
Fan control 10 programmable speeds

External Specifications

Smoke Sensor(s) IR LED detection chamber
External Supply Voltage 18.5-31.5 V
Remote Reset Time 2s
Power Reset 0.5s

Avg. Operating Current

1 Channel Device 170mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)
2 Channel Device 270mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)

Max. Avg. Operating Current

1 Channel Device 360mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)
1 Channel Device 570mA @ 24 VDC (excluding sounders)
Relay Contact Ratings 2.0 A @ 30 VDC, 0.5 A @ 30 VAC

External Specifications - Loop Version only

Communication Loop Supply Voltage 15 – 29 VDC (Loop current ≤ 900mA)
Communication Loop Standby Current @ 24V 900 μA max. (poll once every 5s)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C
Humidity Range 10% to 93% (non condensing)
IP Rating 65

Product Variants

FL0111E-HS Stand Alone 1 Channel 1 Detector
FL0112E-HS Stand Alone 1 Channel 2 Detectors
FL0122E-HS Stand Alone 2 Channels
FL2011EI-HS Loop Based 1 Channel 1 Detector
FL2012EI-HS Loop Based 1 Channel 2 Detectors
FL2022EI-HS Loop Based 2 Channels

FAAST LT™ is designed for use in a wide variety of locations and environments:

Discrete Detection

When aesthetics matter, a discrete smoke detection solution is essential. FAAST LT™ provides the earliest and most accurate smoke detection available to protect high-value items from fire. Detectors can be located in remote, easily accessible locations for routine maintenance and monitoring, whilst the pipe network is hidden.

  • Historic buildings
  • Museums/galleries/high-end architecture
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential

Restricted or Difficult Access

Some fire systems must protect areas where security or easy access is an issue or there is a concern for tampering. The FAAST LT™ device can be mounted in a secure area while air sampling points are located in the protected environment. FAAST LT™ provides highly accurate fire detection for these areas to avoid nuisance alarms and various alert levels to enable an appropriate and informed response to any situation.

  • Lift shafts
  • Ducts
  • Voids
  • Custodial facilities
  • High buildings
  • Warehouses
  • High roof storage areas

Challenging Environments

FAAST LT™ is a robust solution for environments that experience environmental changes caused by fluctuation in temperature. 

  • Light manufacturing facilities
  • Cold storage
  • Freezer rooms
  • Light industrial facilities

Small Scale Mission Critical

Downtime is a problem for any site, but for small scale mission critical applications, every second lost, every transaction missed, any data or equipment destroyed can mean huge losses.

  • Clean rooms
  • IT facilities